Monday, September 14, 2009

US Open Men's Finals preview: Swiss Maestro vs Latin Giant

One is the GOAT. The other is the outstanding rookie. Meet Roger Federer and Juan Martin del Potro, the finalists of 2009 US Open Championship. Both are extremely talented and both use their powerful groundstrokes as their main weapon. Federer is here thanks to his win over Novak Djokovic in straight sets while del Potro was simply lethal in his victory against world's no 2 Rafael Nadal. Both Federer and del Potro had shown outstanding tennis and great form in the past two weeks. However, who will prevail in the end? You can have only one winner out there.

It is extremely difficult to predict the champion tonight. As mentioned above, both Federer and del Potro are hitting their form in the right time. The way Juan Martin del Potro dispatched Nadal in the semifinals is very terrifying. He constantly hit brutal, flat groundstrokes deep into Nadal's baseline and gave Nadal no chance to play his own game. Federer is also very classy and dominant in the other semifinals. One of his most memorable shot was on the third set, where he hit the winner between his legs, leaving Djokovic and the audience in awe. Therefore, both are evenly matched in terms of performance. However, just like the women's finals yesterday, experience is very important. This is del Potro's first Grand Slam final compared to 21st final for Federer. Del Potro will surely will feel a little bit nervous playing in a very high stake match. So I think Federer have the edge in the final tonight. Once again, experience will prevail in the end.

BTW, congratulations to Kim Clijsters who won yesterday women's final by beating my favorites Caroline Wozniacki 7-5,6-4. It was a remarkable comeback for Kim after two years of retirement. For Caroline, she is still young. I am sure she will have many more opportunities in the future.

Pss: To Caroline, I hope she will never wear the dress that she wear in this championship again. That dress is nice only for Maria Kirilenko. She looks so much better in the sporty outfit...............

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