Saturday, November 1, 2008

Bang! Bang! Liverpool died at White Hart Lane

What the hell!!!!! After wonderful victory last week, after three points clear at the top of the league, suddenly came the worst perfomance from Liverpool in this season against Tottenham Hotspurs just a moment ago. Let me repeat once again, TOTTENHAM HOTSPURS, YES THAT BOTTOM PLACE SPURS had beaten my beloved Liverpool 2-1. To make me more angry, Spurs scored their winning goal in stoppage time. Again. To Rafael Benitez: Did you watch Arsenal vs Spurs at The Emirates??????

After Dirk Kuyt scored brilliant goal on 3rd minute, Liverpool should play better. Instead, they were happy just to pass the ball around the centre of the field. To be honest, not enough creativity. Yes there were also unlucky when Gerrard hit the post twice but overall their perfomance were scrappy. Not enough chances to trouble nervy Gomes and co. Then when Keane came off, suddenly Liverpool did'nt attack anymore. Spurs started to dominate ball possesion and gave Agger-Caraggher partnership more troubles. Finally they succumbed to pressure on 68th minute as Caraggher headed David Bentley corner into his own net. I know Caraggher had contributed a lot for Liverpool for years but why don't you scores for your own team instead of your enemy??? By then, I still hope Liverpool will pressing for the winner, but judging at their play, I doubted that the miracle will come. Then came the worst part. After a series of thows by Spurs, on 90th minute Bentley somehow managed to find the gap and unleashed a devastating shot that parried by Reina. Unfortunately, the ball dropped to Darren Bent and he crossed to Pavlyuchenko and after that I immediately switched off the TV.

So today Liverpool surrendered their league position to Chelsea. Man U won and went to third. Small consolation for me: Arsenal lost 2-1 at Stoke. At least Liverpool got a draw against Stoke. And what a joke from their defenders. Two long throws, two goals for Stoke. Looks like Rory Delap had created a new technique in this beautiful game. And RVP?? If I was Wenger, I just punch him straight on his face. One thing that I regret. Liverpool, just like Arsenal did'nt kill Spurs, and worser than Arsenal, they lost.....