Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Can Liverpool win the League?

Based on recent perfomance againts West Ham and Fulham at Anfield, the answer is definitely no. How come they dropped points againts these mid table teams? They should take advantage when our rivals(Chelsea, Gunners and MU) dropped points. Instead they wasted the glorious chance to go 3 points clear at the top. Remember that last season Liverpool lost the league because they had too many draws againts mediocre mid table teams. Looks like they don't learn from the past mistakes. This season, they already flopped againts Stoke, Fulham and WHU. In the absent of Torres, their frontline is too blunt. Robbie Keane plays like a shit, absolutely dissapear in the game againts WHU. Dirk Kuyt is ok, but they need another clinical striker. Maybe Owen? Otherwise, I don't see that they can score goals. No goals, no title and wait another year.......

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